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All fencers who regularly attend the BFC are encouraged to become members of the BFC.

Membership is very straightforward to achieve. It requires (i) completing a membership application form (a copy is available from the Club Secretary) and (ii) paying the monthly or yearly membership fee shown below.

In summary, benefits of membership of the BFC include the possibility of taking individual lessons with Andy Martin on Mondays or Fridays, the option of fencing in the BFCs annual competition, and also the right to participate in the BFCs governance by way of attendance at the BFCs AGM.

Fencers who do not wish to become members of the BFC are of course more than welcome to attend Club Nights on Mondays and Fridays as guests, provided that they pay the "per session" fee shown below. Guests are not able to take lessons from Andy Martin or to participate in the annual BFC competition or to vote at the AGM.

  Yearly Monthly* Per session Set fee
Seniors £260.00 £26.00 £7.00 N/A
Juniors £130.00 £15.00 £4.00 N/A
Beginners** N/A N/A N/A £65.00

*Monthly fees are only accepted via Standing Order.

**The fee payable for the beginner's course includes 6 weekly lessons with one of the club's coaches. The fee also includes one month's free club membership once the 6-week beginner's course has come to an end.

All fencers in England, including beginners, must be members of the British Fencing Association. The minimum cost of membership to British Fencing is £10 which entitles the person to an annual "social membership". This £10 cost is additional to the £65 beginner fee. It is collected by the Bristol Fencing Club and passed on directly to the British Fencing Association. (More information on the types, cost and benefits of membership of the British Fencing Association.)
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