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1. West Midlands Veterans Open 2019 Results

Dear Fencers

The Women of Bristol Fencing Club's marched on last weekend at the West Midlands Veterans Open. Caron Hale with great aplomb ably won gold, and Astrid Merrick fought to retain her third place seeding to take the bronze medal. Maggie Myers, with her usual calm brought to bear her considerable analytical skills to overcome some tough opponents to finish sixth, and had there been a trophy for skilful bladework and timing this surely would have been taken by Kristin Payne whose 10th place doesn't quite reflect the quality of her fencing.


2. Veterans Home International 2019 Results

Dear Fencers

April may not be the cruellest month after all for Saturday saw a contingent of Bristol Fencing Club foilists representing England at the Veterans Home International hosted at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff.
England easily took Gold, so congratulations to the England teams in all weapons and especial congratulations to Bristol Fencing club members Caron Hale, Ann Dawkins and Astrid Merrick who comprised the Women's Foil team and to Jon Dawkins fencing Mens Foil.
Just to show the diversity of Bristol Fencing Club, a special mention for Maggie Myers fencing very astutely for Wales in the Women's Foil team, who took Silver, and we must acknowledge Karen Garvie who travelled from Yorkshire to ably join the Bristol fencers.


3. Friday 1 February 2019 - School Closed

Dear Fencers

In view of the adverse weather conditions, Cotham School is currently closed.
We think this means that Fencing will be off today, but please do consult the School's twitter feed for more information.


4. Fencing resumes on Monday 7 January 2019

Dear Fencers

Fencing resumes after the seasonal break on Monday 7 January 2019. See you all on the piste!

BFC Committee

5. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from BFC!

To all our Club Members, Coaches and Guests,

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous and Successful New Year, both on and off the piste!

See you in 2019!
Bristol Fencing Club

6. BFC AGM 2018

Dear all, The BFC AGM is taking place on Friday 2 November 2018 at Cotham School at 7.30pm. We look forward to seeing as many Club Members and parents of juniors as possible. BFC Committee

7. GDPR - May 2018

Dear Fencers,

You will all, we're sure, be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (EU) 2016/679 come into force on 25 May 2018.

We have set up a link for you to use to notify the Club that you wish to be on the Club mailing list. The link is below. Please click on the link, or copy it into the address bar of your web browser.

Many thanks,

The BFC Committee

8. No Fencing Friday 2 March 2018 - School Closed - Snow

Dear Fencers

The Club has been informed by Cotham School that, owing to the poor weather forecast (snow) for the next couple of days, for health and safety reasons, the School will be shut until Monday. As a result, there will be no fencing on Friday 2 March 2018. We apologise for the short notice of this cancellation.

We will of course inform fencers as soon as possible if it looks like no fencing will be possible on Monday.

The Bristol Fencing Club

9. Seasons Greetings from the Bristol Fencing Club

The Bristol Fencing Club would like to wish all its members, coaches, guests, and loyal followers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The last days of fencing will be Friday 22 December 2017. The first day back will be Friday 5 January 2018.

See you in 2018!

The Club

10. Attention all fencers: 10,13 and17 November 2017 - We are fencing in different rooms at Cotham

Dear fencers and parents,

Cotham School needs to use the gym for exams so for the evenings of the Friday 10th, Monday 13th and Friday 17th November (Starting THIS week) we will move to the main hall and dining room at Cotham school. Andy's junior group and main club will be in the main hall and Isaac's juniors and senior beginners will be in the dining room. We will put up some direction notices on Friday 10th.

To get to these rooms in the school :

• turn immediately right after coming through green car park gate.

• cross courtyard heading to top left corner and go through glass doors into 'the hub'.
• for the main hall go up steps in top right corner of hub.
• for dining hall go through glass door to right of double glass doors you came through, along the corridor (with courtyard you crossed to your right) and down the steps.

I hope that makes sense. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Regards, Tom

11. Ann and Jon presented with Orders of Merit by British Fencing! Congratulations!

Bristol Fencing Club members Ann and Jonathan Dawkins were recently presented with an Award of Merit by the Honours Committee of British Fencing for their contribution to the sport. They were surprised, delighted and humbled to be the recipients of two of only three 2017 Awards of Merit.

Jon and Ann want to say a huge thanks to those who nominated them:

"There are thousands upon thousands of volunteers in the sport of Fencing. We are a small part of that huge and diverse fencing family, supporting clubs and competitions throughout the country. For our work to be recognised by the British Fencing is a great honour.

Our fencing life includes competing (regionally, national and internationally - most recently representing Great Britain at the 2017 Veterans European individual competition in Italy and Veterans 4 Nations team competition in Ireland), work as referees (at national and veterans international level), as referee assessors (working to grow the number of qualified south west referees and supporting the continued professional development of existing referees through mentoring, development and continued seminar programs), coaching support to Bristol Fencing Club’s junior section, competition organisers for Bristol Fencing Open 2009-2015 (the largest six weapon open in the country) and managers at the Veterans European Team Championships at Medway in 2016."

The President of British Fencing, Hillary Philbin MBE, presented the awards at the British Fencing AGM held at the British Olympic Association HQ.

12. Upcoming Beginners Courses October 2017 and January 2018

The Bristol Fencing Club intends to run two of its popular beginners courses in the coming months. The first course will start on Friday 6 October 2017 (and places on this course are filling up already). The second course will start after Christmas, on Friday 12 January 2018, which would make a great Christmas present or would be a good way of beating the January blues and kick starting the healthy regime for 2018.

Each course runs for six consecutive weeks on a Friday evening from 8.00pm for one hour finishing at 9.00pm. At the end of the course, participants have four free weeks of Club Membership. The course takes place in the Sports Hall at Cotham School. The one-off cost for the course is £65. The Club provides full equipment for beginners and therefore you only need to come along wearing clothing suitable for sports, e.g. trainers, tracksuit trousers & T-shirt.

To reserve your place, you will need to contact the Club secretary, Mr Ira De N Yeurt by using the contact form on this website, and pay the course fee upfront. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

The Bristol Fencing Club

13. No Fencing on Friday 9 June 2017

Dear Fencers,

We have been informed by the City Academy that the Sports Hall will be closed on Friday 9 June 2017 on account of the fact that the Sports Hall is used as a counting station for the General Election 2017.

As a result, there will be no fencing on Friday 9 June 2017.


14. No Fencing 25/02 to 03/03

Dear Fencers and Junior Fencers Parents

Please be aware that the school is using the sports hall for mock exams in February. For this reason the sports hall will not be available for any use between 25/02/17 and 03/03/17. The sports hall will reopen to hirers on 04/03/17.

BFC Club Secretary

15. Merry Christmas - BFC

To all fencers

The Bristol Fencing Club wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Fencing starts again on Friday 6 January 2017. See you in the New Year!


16. No fencing Monday 28 November / Club Dinner

Dear Fencers,

The sports hall at Cotham School is being used by the school during the evening on Monday 28 November. As a result, there will be no fencing on that day.

Instead, the Club will try and arrange an early Christmas Dinner. Further details will be emailed to Club Members during the course of the w/c 14 November 2016. Please get in touch with Ira (Club Secretary) if you have not received an email by Friday 18 and you would be interested in attending a Club Christmas dinner.

Bristol Fencing Club

17. Fencing in August 2016

Dear Fencers,

Following on from the survey, there was overwhelming support to cut back to 1 night a week just over the summer holidays. The day which most fencers preferred was Monday night also.

Therefore the fencing club will only be open on Mondays in August from 7.30pm.

The following dates are cancelled:

Friday 5th August

Friday 12th August

Friday 19th August

Friday 26th August

We hope to get the website and Facebook site updated with this information shortly too.

Kind regards and happy holidays to you all

Secretary BFC

18. Annual Move to City Academy - Exam Season is very nearly here!

Dear Fencers,

Our annual move to City Academy is nearly with us! The move is due to the Cotham School Sports Hall being used for examinations.

The first session at city academy will be on Friday 13th May and the last session will be Friday 1st July.

Timings will be:

Mondays - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Fridays - 6:30pm - 9.30pm

The address is:

The City Academy, Bristol, Russell Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol BS5 9JH

Due to space constraints there will be almost no spare kit this year at the Academy. It is highly recommended that you bring all your own kit to be able to participate.

Junior fencers will continue to have kit provided for them by Coach Andrew Martin and Coach Isaac David. The later start time will aid travel across the city as per last year.

Junior Improvers and new Adult Beginners will need to bring their own kit. If you need advice please see any of the committee members: Astrid Merrick, Jon Dawkins, Tom Payne, Stefan Ramel.

kind regards


PS for all our young fencers about to sit examinations at whatever stage - Good Luck.

19. Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from BFC

To all Members, Coaches, and Friends of Bristol Fencing Club

The Club wishes you a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Prosperous, Fun-Filled 2016!!

See you soon at the Club!

The Bristol Fencing Club

20. Christmas 2016

Dear BFC Members,

Please note that the Club's last fencing session will take place on Friday 18 December 2015. After that, the Club closes for a short break during the Christmas period. We return with the first session of fencing on Monday 4 January 2016.

The BFC Committee

21. Testimonial on the BFC beginners course!

I decided I needed to get fit but wanted something different from the gym and as no one would commit in coming with me I decided on a contact sport!. Upon my search I came across the Bristol fencing club... intrigued!!! I filled out the online form, and then there I was with complete bunch of strangers, no mate to attend with me, but did I need one... No!

I have found the course friendly and insightful. I am gripped! I have enjoyed the beginners course & the instructor (Joe) was clear and made us all feel welcome. I look forward to joining the Bristol Fencing club and I would certainly recommend anyone to join, fit or not, but be prepared to sweat!


Participant in the November 2015 Beginners Course

22. BFC Christmas Comp 2015! Bring a prize win a prize!

The Christmas competition will take place on Friday, December 11th and is open to all members of Bristol Fencing Club including graduates of the recent adult beginners course.

The format will be Poule Unique, each bout will be to 5 hits in 3 Minutes. Depending on numbers, the youngest group may be 3 hits in 2 minutes.

All bouts to be timed.

The final position will be ranked by:

1.Number of victories 2.Points difference [Hits scored - Hits Received] 3.Hits scored
There will be three competitions:

U12 [Born 2003 or later]
U14 [Born 2001/2]
Senior [Born 2000 or earlier]

U12 & U14 will start at 18:00, fencing will stop at 19:30 whether or not the Poule Unique has been completed. Results will then been compiled and the fencers will then be able to pick their prize at 19:45.

The seniors will start at 19:00, as pistes become available. Fencing will stop at 21:00 whether or not the Poule Unique has been completed. Results will then be compiled and the fencers will then be able to pick their prize at 21:15 to allow time to pack up and get out of the hall for 21:30. Drinks at a local pub afterwards.

If any senior fencers are able to get to the hall for the junior session, then assistance with setting up and referring would be appreciated.

As usual, your entry fee is a prize, please don't spend a lot. Please also note that, if there any alcoholic prizes, these will not be given to any under 18s.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Hope to see lots of you there.... Jon Dawkins, Captain
Bristol Fencing Club

23. Thank you from the Bristol Open!

The organisers of the Bristol Open Fencing Tournament (BOFT) would like to say a huge thank you to all who helped over the weekend of the 40th BOFT and on Friday setting-up the venue. It was an amazing weekend, with over 350 fencers competing across the two days. Key to the success of BOFT is its volunteers, and you were brilliant. Thank you.

The organisers added: If you have any feedback; things that went well, suggestions of improvements we could make next year, we’d be pleased to hear from you Ann Dawkins or Tom Payne

That prompted the BFC Chair, Astrid Merrick to remark:

"The Bristol Open 2015 was a toughie this year and several BFC members pitted themselves against some very high calibre fencers. Well done. But a moment...can I just hear a round of applause for the real heroes of BOFT; not only do they give up a long weekend every year to run BOFT but they spend a great deal of time and effort beforehand in the preparation of it…their only reward is to pull off another successful competition, which they did and where your input was instrumental. There are lots of great photos on the BFC Facebook site from Gillian Adhani who caught the fun and spirit of the competition - take a look."

All the Fencing Open competitions throughout the country are every year seeing declining numbers of entrants… many point their fingers at the British Fencing Association who have little interest in grass roots fencing but only in their elite squads….and so BOFT celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, marked by Tom Payne’s inspired choice of Bristol Green glass - a nod to Bristol being Green Capital 2015 - for the Hillier trophies in all weapons and dedicated to the memory of Barbara Hillier who sadly died at Christmas. The Hillier trophy acknowledges Barbara and Colin Hillier’s work in first creating the Bristol Open, and in the wider world of fencing, so we hope BOFT will be able to continue for another 40 years and they will be asking for your invaluable help next year.

Big thank you to Ann Dawkins, John Dawkins, Tom Payne, Robert Hillier, Colin Hillier and Rupert Russell


24. Bristol Open 2015

Hi everyone

Every year Bristol Fencing Club is proud to host one of the leading competitions in the domestic fencing calendar attracting entrants of the highest calibre in all weapons. Certain members work their little socks off to make this happen but cannot do it without help from club members and parents too.

You will have had mails and requests from Ann Dawkins to help out and I trust you have not left it someone else but have pledged your support however little or much you can give in the way of time. It is not too late too offer your help this weekend …the evening Friday 18th laying pistes, Saturday and Saturday as runners, and Sunday afternoon to take it all down. It’s good fun, you’ll get fed and watered and get to see some tip top fencing.

In return for this the Bristol Open makes a sizeable donation to Bristol Fencing Club which the club relies upon as we run on a shoestring. This is your opportunity to support your club. Get in touch with Ann now and ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club…

looking forward to seeing you there

Astrid, BFC Chair

25. New for September 2015: 7.30pm to 9.30pm fencing hours on Mondays

Dear Bristol Fencers,

As from September 2015, the Club will fence on Mondays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm instead of its previous 7.00pm to 9.45pm fencing time. Head coach Andy Martin will still run a short group footwork session from 7.30pm on Mondays.


26. Bristol fencer captain of Oxford Uni!

Bristol Fencing Club would like to congratulate Sean Jamshidi, a Bristol fencer, on being appointed captain of the Oxford University Fencing Team. Well done Sean!


27. Bristol Schools Competition

Owen Paton of Bristol Fencing Club took part in the Bristol Schools Competition on Saturday 18 July 2015. The Club would like to congratulate Owen on winning his event (the Senior Boys Foil)! Owen won all 6 of his initial poule fights, and 3 out of 4 in the final poule. Well done Owen!


28. Veterans Fencing Championships

Many congratulations to all Club Members who fenced at the recent Veterans Fencing Championships.

Very well done to Kristin Payne and Ann Dawkins for their gold medals in Women's Foil in Cat 4 and Cat 1 respectively. Also well done to Club Captain Jon Dawkins on his 14th place in Cat 2 Men's foil.


29. Summer Fencing 2015 - Change of Venue

Dear Fencers,

Due to exams, the Cotham School sports hall is not available for fencing during the summer months. As a result, the Bristol Fencing Club will be fencing at the City Academy for part of the Summer. Please see the "Where and When" page of this website for the full address of the City Academy.

The Club will fence at the City Academy from Monday 11 May 2015 until Friday 26 June 2015. The last session at Cotham School is on Monday 4 May 2015 (which is a Bank Holiday, so no fencing in any event). The first session back at Cotham School is on Monday 29 June 2015.

The Bristol Fencing Club

30. Ed Burnham qualifies for BYC U18s foil

Fencers -

We have some truly great news to inspire you all and to show that Bristol Fencing Club is a player. Ed Burnham has qualified and won a coveted place in the U18 boys foil at the forthcoming British Youth Championships which I believe are in May.

His progress since he started as a novice three years ago is entirely down to his single mindedness and hard work. His coach Andy Martin is very pleased with how Ed has applied himself particularly over this last year and this is the justly deserved reward.

The club hope that he does well at the BYCs, wishing him all success and even more that he enjoys it immensely.

best regards

Astrid, Chair

31. South West Foil Qualifiers - 2015

Dear BFC fencers

Several club fencers entered their age group in the South West Foil Qualifier that took place on 24/25 January 2015. Nearly all were new to competing and all did well. Whatever their result I’m sure it whetted their appetite for fencing and competition.

Particular congratulations to James Burton who finished in the top eight in U12s and Niamh Roberts who was just pipped into 9th place in U16s.

Congratulations also to Will Crook, U14s, Iben Robinson U14s, and Guy Van Onselen U18s who finished 9th after a very close DE.

Ed Burnham’s extremely laudable result in the U18’s where he finished 5th narrowly beaten from 4th place - next time, Ed - also deserves a mention. Ed, who has been fencing for only three years, attributes much to the excellent coaching of Andy Martin, who coached all BFC’s young entrants in the SW Qualifiers. There is a mention also for Milo Drewett who also fenced U18’s at the Qualifiers, a difficult category and well done Milo.

It takes two to fence, and we believe Andy to be a coach second to none, but the attitude and hard work of these fencers combined with Andy’s skill is what will allow them to realise in themselves the best they can possibly be.

The Club is very proud of you and we look forward to hearing of your results in future competitions.

best regards

Club Chair

32. Barbara Hillier

On Christmas Eve, Barbara Hillier passed away peacefully aged 93years. She will be greatly missed by all at Bristol Fencing Club and our thoughts are with Colin and his family. The funeral service will be at St Leonard's Church, Shipham on Thursday 15th January at 11.00am followed by private cremation. Family flowers only please, donations if desired for the R.N.I.B. or Kidney Research may be sent to C V Gower Funeral Directors, The Square, Winscombe, BS25 1BS, tel: 01934 842945.

The Bristol Fencing Club

33. Revised January 2015 start date Isaac David Junior groups

To Parents/Carers,

This communication relates only to the fencing groups taught by Isaac David on Fridays.

The first session for those groups will not be on the 9th January as previously indicated but Friday 16th January.

All other juniors groups taught by Andy Martin start on 9 January as previously indicated.

Again apologies for the confusion.

Yours sincerely,

Ira De N'Yeurt, Club Secretary

34. Christmas 2014 fencing dates

Dear Fencers, The Club's last session before Christmas will be on Friday 19 December 2014. The juniors are also fencing on Friday 19 December 2014. The Club Captain, Jon Dawkins, will be running a "bring a prize win a prize" poule unique on that Friday.

There is no fencing on Monday 22 December 2014.

The Club returns to fencing on Monday 5 January 2015.

We wish you all a fantastic break over the festive period, and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

The Bristol Fencing Club

35. Next adult beginners course: Monday 12 January 2015

The Bristol Fencing Club runs several beginners courses for adults every year. The next beginners course will start in the New Year on Monday 12 January 2015 for 6 weeks. There is a flyer for the course here Flyer

Please get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your place. The Club is more than happy to accommodate a gift subscription if you would like to offer this as a Christmas present to a loved one.

For all queries, please contact the Club's secretary, Mr Ira de N'Yeurt. His address is:

36. Some friendly pre-Christmas BFC competitions

Hello Fencers (and parents!)

I am going to run some fun competitions in the run up to Christmas during our regular club sessions. There will be something for everyone, senior fencers from beginners to those old hands, all the juniors in both the Andy and Isaac groups.

Please let me know if you can join in, as this will help me get the competitions organised and save time on the night.

Monday, December 8th

Team comp

Please get to the club as early as possible as I would like to start by 7:15.

As many rounds as we can, teams of 3, relay to 45 points: each fencer fights everyone on the other team for 5 hits or 3 minutes. The first fight stops at 5 hits, the second is the first team to 10 hits, the third fight stops when one team gets to 15 all the way to 45. Confused yet? Remember you only have 3 minutes of fencing time as well, so you could get to the final fight and be a long way behind, but make up lots of points and still win! Have a look at this:

Ad hoc teams of mixed ability e.g. experienced + beginner + junior based on who turns up on the night.

There will be a few mince pies with this to start the season. Silly Christmassy names for teams might have to be a requirement as well. If you want to put together your own team, it must be a mixed ability team of 3 with one optional reserve. Teams may change during the evening if someone has to leave early etc.

The key to this event is to be fun and sociable!

Friday, December 19th

Bring a prize, win a prize!

IT will be like a lucky dip with swords, there will be a pile of prizes and you are fighting for first choice, but everybody wins something. The entrance fee is a prize you could bring a packet of crisps or an Xbox, a tin of beans or the keys to a Bentley but what you go home with depends on where you finish!


You will need to the club by 6:00pm, as I would like to start by 6:10 to give us a chance of finishing on time.

Parents, please be aware that we may over-run and we will not be able to award prizes until the finals have completed. You are welcome to come and watch.

We will separate out in age groups.

Isaac Group

Just like the seniors, we will run a Poule Unique where everybody will fight everybody else to 5 hits. Your final position will be based on the number of victories, then the difference between hits scored and hits received, then on hits scored.

Andy Group

I hope to be able to bring along some conductive pistes like we had at the Bristol Open.

There will be 1 round of poules to give you a qualifying position, then direct elimination (DE) to 10 hits, where you have to win you fight to stay in the competition all the way to the final.


Please get to the club as early as possible as I would like to start as soon as pistes become available after the junior competition, hopefully by 7:00. Any assistance with refereeing the junior competition will be appreciated.

We will have a Poule Unique; everybody will fight everybody to 5 hits, depending on numbers. Your final position will be based on the number of victories, then the difference between hits scored and hits received, then on hits scored.

While the competition matches will be the main event, the usual club fencing will available as well. Although I am sure that most fencers will be focusing on the poule unique fights.

Hoping to see as many of you as we can, please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


Jonathan Dawkins

Captain, Bristol Fencing Club

37. Fantastic Result for BFC Fencer at the Veteran World Championships

Dear Fencers,

Members of Bristol Fencing Club comprise a breadth of ages from eight to eighty plus (when the indefatigable Colin is on piste) and such is the beauty of fencing - you need never stop. We at the club are immensely proud of BFC fencer Kristin Payne who recently won silver in Women’s Foil at the Veteran World Championships in Debrecen, Hungary.

Knowing the opposition would be strong and therefore justifiably a little anxious she remained unbeaten and went out to Chantal Marie Demaille of France who was the first women's foil veteran champion in 1998 and a winner of 27 gold medals. Having experienced Kristin’s beautiful precise blade work and timing, I for one am not surprised and neither, I suspect, is anyone else who has met Kristin on piste at the club. Well done Kristin - you are an inspiration.

best regards,

Club Chair

38. Bristol Open 2014

Dear All

As I hope you were aware the Bristol Open Fencing Tournament took place last weekend [20/21] with great success. Congratulations to the organising team who have worked steadily throughout the year to make it happen. Many many thanks to parents and fencers who helped laying the pistes on the Friday evening and acting as general factotums on Saturday and Sunday - without you the competition would not be able to run so smoothly. In return the Bristol Open yearly donates a not inconsiderable sum to Bristol Fencing Club which helps the upkeep and replacement of kit.

Those newer to the club may not know of Colin and Barbara Hillier who tirelessly devoted their lives to fencing, to the club and to the Bristol Open and to whom the club and Open owe their existence today. Colin as always was there on Friday to lay pistes as was his and Barbara’s son, Robert, who lives in France with his family and makes the journey every year to Bristol to help run the event. Barbara’s birthday coincides with the Bristol Open and last week the inspirational Barbara was 93. A Belated Happy Birthday from us all.

Looking forward to next year’s Bristol Open

best regards

39. The Bristol Open Fencing Tournament (BOFT) needs you!

Dear All,

Bristol Fencing Club helps run the BOFT which will be in its 38th year and held on the weekend of the 20th and 21st September. Key to the success of the competition is volunteers.

Can you help with any of the following?

- Setting up the venue Friday evening from 5pm; dinner provided at 9pm for helpers

- Packing up the venue Sunday from 5pm on the Sunday; snacks provided

- Saturday and Sunday during the competition we need help with:

Check In: checking in fencers for each competition, and giving out venue information. Four check in slots: 7:30am (Sat), 8am (Sun), 10am (both days), 12noon (both days).

Floor Managers: help the fencing run smoothly; calling fencers to the pistes, reporting problems to armourers and competition organiser, getting the medic when needed, checking piste equipment, and referees have every thing they need.

Runners: help the fencing run smoothly; taking out pool and D/E sheets, collecting completed score sheets, putting up tableaus and notices, finding fencers and most importantly letting the cafe know when we run out of tea and biscuits.

Help from anyone associated with the club; fencers, parents or guardians, is essential to make the competition run well. Whatever you can spare - a couple of hours, an evening, half or a whole day; will be appreciated. You also get to wear one of our bright yellow BOFT volunteers t-shirts.

If you are interested in finding out more or think you can help, please contact Ann Dawkins or Tom Payne

Hope you are all enjoying the summer sunshine.

Kind regards,

BFC Club Secretary

40. BFC 2014 AGM

Dear Fencers,

The Bristol Fencing Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 19 July 2014, time tbc. The venue for the AGM will be Colin and Barbara's.

The Club Secretary will be emailing Club Members in the week commencing Monday 14 July 2014 with a detailed agenda. Please do check with Ira to make sure that he has your email address.

The Bristol Fencing Club

41. Fencing - Friday 27 June 2014

Dear fencers,

Fencing returns to Cotham School on Friday 27 June 2014. Please note, however, that due to exam resits which are taking place today, fencing will not be in the Sports Hall at Cotham School, but will be in the Dance Studio at Cotham School. The Dance Studio will be signposted from the car park.


42. No Fencing Friday 23 May 2014

Dear Members and Guests of Bristol Fencing Club,

The Club has been informed by the City Academy that, because of the local elections which are taking place this week, there will be no fencing on Friday 23 May 2014.

We apologise for the short notice cancellation. Please note also that, as Monday 26 May 2014 is a Bank Holiday, there is also no fencing on that Monday.


43. Summer 2014 Fencing - Change of Venue

Dear Fencers,

Due to exams, the Cotham School sports hall is not available for fencing during the summer months. As a result, the Bristol Fencing Club will be fencing at the City Academy for part of the Summer. Please see the "Where and When" page of this website for the full address of the City Academy.

The Club will fence at the City Academy from Friday 9 May 2014 until Monday 23 June 2014. The last session at Cotham School is on Monday 5 May 2014 (which is a Bank Holiday, so no fencing in any event). The first session back at Cotham School is on Friday 27 June 2014.

The Bristol Fencing Club

44. Competition News January 2014

Dear fencers,

Saturday also saw a strong Bristol FC turnout for the HMS Flying Fox team competition. We entered three teams who were all very successful. Well done to our youngest fencers Robert Greenwood and Georgio Costa who were unfazed by anybody least of all the burly and very enthusiastic marines on the other end of the piste. A very good day as ever and a great buffet in the mess- very civilised, all competitions should have afternoon tea.

Deserving more than a brief mention in BFC's fencing news, Georgia Hannay despite working hard at university reprised her excellent result at the Bristol Open by fighting to gain second place in the British Championships. This is a big deal and no fluke as her results have shown since the beginning of the fencing year. The Club is rightly very proud of Georgia who was also Junior Commonwealth champion and we hope our younger fencers take inspiration from her - particularly the girls in what is a male dominated club - and moreover she competes as a Bristol Fencing Club fencer. A nod of recognition to the skill and hard work of her coach, Andy Martin who has coached her at the club since she was at junior school as Andy is another reason why Bristol Fencing Club is such a great club.

That's all for now, see you on piste.


45. Club Dinner 2014

Hi Everyone

It has been a couple of years at least since we last had a Club Dinner so it should not go without mention and it was one of the best if not the best we've had marred only by the absence of Colin and Barbara. A good start to the New Year and as always we had such a good time we are looking forward to more social events.

It was great to see everyone in mufti, walking in to Goldbrick House I found it hard to recognise who were these handsome chaps and beautiful women that I usually meet in whites and behind masks. It's always great to meet fencer's partners, nice to know we are a bit loveable, and you being there enables some conversation that wasn't about fencing - is there anything else?

It was a privilege to have Tom Payne's mother at the dinner, a very successful fencer who I hope will bring her many years experience to the club. Yes I know, I did grumble about the separate tables, the so so food and the acoustics - sorry fellow diners, I am never more happy than when complaining - but the decor was lovely and what really made it successful was the space to wander and mingle after dinner and, for those with the stamina, the bar downstairs.

I hope all had a time as enjoyable as I did and a big thank you to Stefan and Ira for arranging such a great evening - and I think a special round of applause to Stefan for spending the day putting together a very clever quiz. Hopefully we can prevail on Stefan to repeat his success for the club competition dinner later in the year.

best regards


46. Annual Club Dinner 2014 - Save the Date

The Bristol Fencing Club will holds its annual Club Dinner on Saturday 18 January 2014 at a time and venue to be determined.

The Club Secretary, Mr Ira de NYeurt has already sent round an email in relation to the dinner. If you did not receive the email, or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ira at

The Bristol Fencing Club

47. Seasons Greetings!

The Bristol Fencing Club wishes all its Members, Coaches, and Guests a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Fencing starts again on Friday 3 January 2014. See you all then!

The Bristol Fencing Club.

48. Bristol Open 2013

Hi Fencers

hopefully you should all be aware that the Bristol Open 2013 was, once more, a resounding success. Not only did the two days of competition go very smoothly but Bristol Fencing Club also saw a really great result, Georgia the dragon slayer Hannay won 2nd place in Women's Foil. Calm and focussed Georgia, after an un-noteworthy finish in the poules, dispatched her opponents one by one to reach the quarter finals where she was beaten to 1st place by the doughty Dominic Szokolovics We are so proud of Georgia and that she is a Bristol Fencing Club member. Young fencers take note and be inspired.

It is a very high ranking competition and it was such a treat to see some top notch fencing. The Men's Foil Final between Peggs and the sixteen year old Reynolds from Australia was very exciting as this youngster didn't flinch from taking the prize from Peggs.

The organisers worked hard up to and over the two days of fencing, and would like to extend their gratitude to the helpers who gave their invaluable time. There was a disappointing turnout on Friday evening for piste layers, but many thanks to Georgio Costa and Alexis, and Alvery who did the bulk of the work. Saturday saw no volunteers from club members but Pandora with five month old baby in tow, with her sister Alexis, once more gave their time to do check in - start them young...Pandora also did Sunday check in with Georgia's mother Ann who gives up her time for every Bristol Open. Thank you both and to Ann and for taking up the pistes on Sunday. Congratulations on the great result of your daughter, you must be very proud.

We had two great runners, Iban and Niamh, on Sunday from our youngest group of fencers who worked really hard assisting Ann Dawkins ( had to say that, haven't used her new name since she and Captain Jon got married a month ago - big congratulations to them) as Floor Manager. Many thanks to Iban and Niamh, you made such a big difference and I hope you really enjoyed the experience behind the scenes of such a big and prestigious event in the fencing calendar.

I say this every year and will reiterate that although the Bristol Open is a separate entity from Bristol Fencing Club they have a shared dependency through the volunteering of club members to make it work. More than the kudos the club gets from its association with a well organised competition of this size, the Bristol Open donates money to the club to buy kit or whatever the club needs in return for the help from members. Competing fencers will boycott a badly run event so volunteers are vital to its success. The reality is that Ann, Jon, Tom, and Rupert give an inordinate amount of time before during and after the Open. Tom's daughter had her birthday on Saturday and Tom managed to rush home for an hour to see her open her presents. Pandora's only connection with the club is that she is my daughter, there is no benefit to her whatsoever except that she enjoys it. Colin's son comes over from where he lives in France every year to assist with his invaluable expertise. I find myself a little dismayed that we couldn't field a few more volunteers particularly to lay the pistes and take them up, if Colin in his nineties can do it then a few strapping lads from the club could make an effort. You and all club members benefit from the donation, so you should be prepared to give something back.

Bristol Fencing Club is run by a few volunteers whose only aim is to make the club a great place for people of all ages and skill to come and fence. We don't ask much of the members except for them to be aware that it is a few who are doing the work in their spare time and often in their fencing time. So please help out whenever you can. At the Bristol Open and in club...put the equipment away at the end of the evening, if you identify a faulty spool, box, ground lead, wire, foil etc put it in the box for the armourer to deal with it, if you can manage to add a label that would be very helpful. If faulty kit gets put back into the system it is only going to cause problems for all of us. If you borrow kit fold it up and put it tidily in the appropriate bag so that it can be found next time. It is not somebody else's job it is yours.

Bristol Open signifies the start of another fencing year and its success augurs well. I am looking forward to improvements being made at the club to make it an even better experience for everyone and with the goodwill of its members I'm sure together we will succeed.

Finally on behalf of the Bristol Open and Bristol Fencing Club, nurtured untiringly for many many years by Colin and Barbara to the stature they now have, I would like to say a very Happy Birthday to Barbara. Her birthday coincides with the Open and this year was the first when she was unable to be with us. You were missed Barbara but hope you had a very nice special day nonetheless and we wish you many more.

best regards

Astrid Chair, Bristol Fencing Club

49. Save the Date: 2014 Club Invitational Foil Championship

Dear Fencers,

The provisional date for the 2014 Bristol Fencing Club Invitational Foil Championship is Saturday 19 April 2014. Please mark the date in your calendars. More details to follow in due course.

The BFC Committee

50. Fencing on Friday 23 & 30 August 2013

Dear Fencers,

We have been informed by Cotham School that the floor in the gym will be cleaned during the latter part of August 2013.

As a result, the Club will not be fencing in the gym on Friday 23 & 30 August 2013. Instead, the Club will be fencing in the assembly hall at Cotham School.

There is no fencing on Monday 26 August 2013, on account of the bank holiday.

The BFC Committee

51. New BFC Club Secretary!

We extend a very warm welcome to Ira de N'Yeurt who was elected as the Bristol Fencing Club secretary at the AGM held on Saturday 6 July 2013. We wish him all the best, and very much look forward to working with him.

You can email Ira at this address:

BFC Committee

52. AGM 2013 Report

Dear Fencers and parents, carers,

the BFC AGM was held on Saturday 6 July 2013 and as always was very enjoyable. Sitting on the lawn in the sunshine at Colin and Barbara's talking fencing - how hard was that? And so nice to catch up with Colin and Barbara who are not able to get to the club so very often these days which is a shame, I used to enjoy pitting myself against Colin, much of the time unsuccessfully, and the rye pleasure I got from the dismay of fencers who thought they ought to be able to beat a man in his nineties but couldn't.

Colin raised a good point on the club's practice of fencing with referees which is the norm on club nights. He suggested that we should all spend more time fencing without refs as this would improve our skills since, by concentrating less on getting the hit, we would be more likely to try things out...remember all those things your coach got you to do in lesson but you found it a bit tricky to make work in a fight? This would be your moment. It is personally something I actually quite enjoy doing, it does take the stress out of fencing. It does also make it easier for novices to make the transition from the beginners group into the club proper. The difficulties of establishing this in the club were discussed; it is not the norm for us, change is difficult to effect, and reffed fights mean that we have a fair means of queueing for pistes however, while not wishing to change the format completely, I agree that some fencing without a ref would be a very useful thing to implement.

Back to the AGM..thank you to those who sent their apologies and as usual the few members that attended, in fact just one, which is a shame as the club puts a high value on the input from members. It means that in effect all decisions concerning the club are made by the same people.

I am pleased to announce however that this cabal has now been increased by one as Ira De N'Yeurt was confirmed as Club Secretary and we are looking forward to working with him. The club has been without a secretary for a long time and one of the visible benefits of Ira's role will be better dissemination of information.

Thank you to those attending the AGM and thank you to our hosts Colin and Barbara. The AGM minutes will be circulated in due course.

best regards

Astrid, Chair.

53. St Dunstan's Foil 2013

Hi All,

Another good showing yesterday for Bristol Fencing Club at the St Dunstan Foil and Epee Competition. A very popular competition with Bristol fencers as you get to fence until you drop in a poule unique in which you fence against every other competitor, so yesterday I believe we had nineteen or twenty fights.

As usual BFC achieved quite a few placings in the senior foil, Steve Rashley finished 7th, I finished 5th and Ben Shepherd won third place, and your chairman also won first place Veteran. Congratulations to all and very well done Ben.

A nod to other competitors from the club who enjoyed a great day and no doubt improved their fencing and their stamina no end. Mark Sampson and Georgio Costa gaining confidence got a few wins under their belts against young bloods and wily veterans so well done both. Georgio was quite surprised to find himself in the senior competition as he thought he was going to be in the under 14's but he acquitted himself well and even refereed a few bouts, quite a challenge at a senior competition.

We're looking forward to the next one and hope to see a few more of our juniors at local competitions like this in the future to gather even more glittering prizes.

Ann Rhodes and Jon Dawkins gave up their day to referee both the morning's junior competitions and the Senior, again a tribute to them and gaining yet more credibility for Bristol Fencing Club as a player in the South West.

best regards,

Astrid, Club Chair

54. BFC AGM 2013


The Bristol Fencing Club AGM 2013 will take place on Saturday 6 July 2013. If you are a Club Member, and you would like to attend, please save the date. Venue, start time and agenda will be circulated in due course.

The BFC Committee

55. Wellington Open 2013

Dear All

Yesterday several of BFC's fencers competed at the Wellington Open, for some it was their first experience of fencing at a senior competition, so a great experience but daunting . A small competition but some excellent and experienced competitors there.

Well done to our younger fencers who had some tough fights but showed true grit - Oliver Clarkson, Georgio Costa and Sam Day - and also to Mark Sampson who had a very good day finishing a creditable 16th, and congratulations to Ben Shepherd who, consistently performing well at competitions, finished 6th.

Good to see Ira De N'Yeurt there in his whites and me. We weren't too dusty but I was miffed to go out in my DE (Direct Elimination, fencing to fifteen hits or nine minutes - three bouts of three minutes with a minute rest in between - lose and you're out) to someone whom I beat in the poule round.

BFC member Ann Rhodes and coaches John Dawkins, and Isaac David gave up a day of sunshine to do a good day's refereeing. The competition would have suffered without them, they cemented inter club ties and were a credit to BFC. Jolly good eggs all three...

Inspired by our doughty competitors no doubt many of you will want to enter Dunstans on 16th June at Glastonbury. A really good competition for all levels of fencer.

Best wishes,

Astrid, Club Chair

56. Summer 2013 Fencing - Change of Venue

Dear Fencers,

Due to exams, the Cotham School sports hall is not available for fencing during the summer months. As a result, the Bristol Fencing Club will be fencing a the City Academy for part of the Summer. Please see the "Where and When" page of this website for the full address of the City Academy.

The Club will fence at the City Academy from Monday 13 May 2013 to Friday 28 June 2013. The last session at Cotham School is on Friday 10 May 2013. The first session back at Cotham School in on Monday 1 July 2013.

The Bristol Fencing Club

57. BFC Competition 2013 - the Chair's View

Dear Fencers,

I do have a bruise on the back of my hand, my shoulder and my collarbone but I had a great time fencing at the Bristol Fencing Club competition aka Invitation Foil - the lesson I keep forgetting is don't let 'em hit you. It was great to get a whole day's fencing and I'm quite exhausted (memo: must get fitter). I undeservedly won the top women's trophy due entirely to the paucity of female BFC fencers. Lucky me.

Big congratulations to Ibi Bashir who, to no -one's great surprise, took the Winners Cup in an exciting final against Tom Payne. Always good to see fencing done well.

Juniors over the age of 14 had to fence in the main competition against Senior club members, wily veterans and some very strong fencers from other clubs in the South West. They were impressive and gave it their all showing great strength of character, so very well done Oliver Clarkson and Ed Burnham, we're proud of you and it will only get better. By next year at the comp you'll both be forces to be reckoned with, and I don't fancy my chances...I didn't fence against Ed but Oliver pushed me hard and very very nearly got the victory. Phew.

Congratulations to Georgio Costa, admirably keeping his cool throughout to win silver in the under 14's for the second year running. Ben Shepherd and Zoe Webber fenced really well - Zoe deservedly earned herself the junior girls trophy, and I'm not going to tell you that Ben knocked me out of the DE. It was close Ben, it was close - excellent last and winning hit. Well done to you both.

This is the second year of the new improved club comp, which has been made open to fencers from other clubs whereas originally it was for BFC fencers only, and it is a very successful format. This is the brainchild of club captain Jon Dawkins, and what a beautiful baby it is. Everyone there will want to express their thanks for his hard work setting it up, and running it on the day, like a swan he paddles away furiously below while exuding serenity above as he flies from computer to piste, reffing and fighting and back to computer. Thank you Jon. But behind every great man is a great woman. Jon's partner Anne, unable to compete herself on the day - if she had I wouldn't have got the women's prize - worked tirelessly,as she always does, to ensure the competition ran smoothly we also want to thank Anne very, very much. And lastly a big thank you to all who arrived early and stayed late to set up and dismantle the pistes, and to those who reffed the juniors instead of having a welcome rest.

The day to day running of the club, and its associated events are completely dependent on volunteers and I'm always impressed by how much time and effort members give to their club. That's why the club is so good. You're great...thank you.

I hope next year to see even more fencers from Bristol Fencing Club at the competition.

best regards

Astrid Club Chairwoman

58. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The Bristol Fencing Club would like to wish all of its Members, Guests and Coaches a very Merry Christmas and a happy and successful 2013!

59. Apologies

Apologies to all those who came to BFC last Monday (27th August) only to find the school was closed. Unfortunately we didn't update the calendar on the website to show that the club would not be running and we are very sorry for any confusion caused.

60. BFC moving to City Academy for May 2012 to June 2012

Please note that, because of exams being held in the Sports Hall at Cotham School in May and June 2012, Bristol Fencing Club will fence at the City Academy during that period. You can find the location of the City Academy here.

This move applies to seniors fencers, junior fencers and beginners.

The last fencing session at Cotham School is Friday 4 May 2012. The first fencing session at the City Academy is Friday 11 May 2012 (Monday 7 May 2012 is a Bank Holiday, so no fencing). Please check the calendar on this website for further details.

The Committee.

61. BFC Results from the Birminghan Open 2012

Dear Fencers,

The Birminghan Open was held over the Easter weekend. Several of our fencers - some novice and others experienced - competed in the competition and brought home some great results for them and the club. In the Mens' Foil event Oscar Aaron won a storming 6th place, and BFC's rising star also known as dragon slayer, Ruth Semple finished thirteenth in Women's Foil. Congratulations on such well deserved results, we're looking forward to seeing more.

Astrid, Club Chair.

62. BFC Competition 2012; the Chair's view

Dear Fencers,

The Saturday before Easter saw the annual Bristol Fencing Club Tournament with added value; for the first time the competition was opened to entrants from local and SW clubs and was extremely successful, certainly benefiting from the mix of fencers. We saw some great fights during the day and particularly successful amongst BFC fencers was the Under 14 age group. Sam Day won first place, Georgio Costa second and Oliver Clarkson third. Well done chaps and a special mention to Adithya Radhakrishnan who had joined the club only the evening before. Great attitude.

The older juniors had a testing day as they fenced in the main competition with the seniors, and some of those poules were real toughies. Of the BFC members Georgia Hannay and Tom Payne finished 3= but what exciting fights they were. Ibi Bashir went through to the final against Warren Shillingford from UWE. We all watched, biting our nails to the quick, as they fought it out. The final result was 15-14 to Warren but Ibi gave it his all and was more than happy with the result against such an excellent and experienced fencer. Congratulations Ibi - if he continues in that vein then bring on Rio. One of the high points of the match came at the end when Ibi and Warren were 14 - 14. The last hit was awarded to Warren giving him the victory but he declined and said the hit was not rightly his - as far as the spectators could judge he was correct, it was Ibi's parry riposte but unfortunately off target. The fight continued at 14-14 and Warren won the last hit fair and square but we were all very impressed with his sportsmanship and sense of fair play. I was pleased that a number of the juniors had the opportunity to see this as it was a great lesson to all and it justified my long held that fencers are very, very nice people.

Whatever our results I think I can say on behalf of all those there that it was a great day's fencing for both competitors and spectators. I think we can look forward to this new competition becoming ever more successful in future years and many thanks to Jon Dawkins, BFC Captain, for organising the event. More fun to follow - as a rule we have a club dinner at the time of the competition and this has been taken in hand by Tom Payne so keep reading your mails so you can put the date in your diary.

Astrid, Club Chair

63. Bristol Fencing Club Competition 2012

Bristol Fencing Club are holding an invitational foil competition at the Bristol City Academy on Saturday March 31st and would like to invite local fencers to enter the Senior, U13 and U11 competitions.

The proposed format is 2 round of poules followed by DE.

The intention is that this will become a regular event in the local calendar and your support will be welcomed. In order that the event runs as smoothly as possible, please see the note on the entry form with regards to referees.

Entry Form

64. BFC Competition Results 2012

Below are the results for this year's BFC competition. This year we opened the doors to include fencers from other local clubs and had a great day. Congratulations to all our medalists.

2012 Under 12s
2012 Under 14s
2012 Seniors

65. Georgia wins Gold at the Commonwealth Junior Fencing Championships 2012

From the Chair:

Hello everyone,

Great jubilation and triumphal arches - exciting news and something to inspire all our junior fencers for Bristol Fencing Club's very own Georgia Hannay last week won the Junior Commonwealth Fencing competition in the individual event, and then gold again in the Junior Commonwealth team event. Hurrah...

We are sure Georgia feels justly proud of her well deserved result - Bristol Fencing Club and her coach Andy Martin are certainly proud of her. And, with fencers like Georgia in our midst bringing home such excellent wins BFC members won't need to be convinced that they belong to a great club.

Well done Georgia, congratulations and good luck in all your future fencing competitions.

best regards


66. New Armourer

The Club has recently welcomed a new armourer. Steve Rashley has agreed to be the Club armourer going forward. As well as looking after Club equipment, Steve is also available to make repairs to the kit of Club Members.

The Club committee have agreed that Steve will charge the following prices for the work described below (please note, the prices below do not include parts; you will need to ask Steve directly in relation to the cost of any parts which the repair necessitates).

(1)Foil rewire: £12.50;
(2)Fault finding and general repair of foil not involving rewire: £5.00;
(3)Tip clean: £3.00;
(4)Blade setting: £3.00;
(5)Body wire repair £3.00 to £5.00.

67. Happy New Year!

The Bristol Fencing Club would like to wish all its Members, Guests and Coaches a very happy, successful and prosperous year 2012!

68. 2011 Notable Competition Results

The Wellington Open 2011 senior competition was held on 9 October 2011. Congratulations to BFC Fencer Ruth Semple who reached the semi-finals narrowly losing to Yvonne Chart 13-12. Junior competitions were also held on the same day: congratulations to Luke Webster-Khan who won the U13 boys.

The Allstar Cup 2011 was held over the weekend of 29-30 October 2011. A number of BFC fencers were participating in this competition. Oscar Aarron achieve a strong 14th place in the Men's foil and Georgia Hannay placed a fantastic 3rd after losing in the semi-finals.

The Leeds Open 2011 took place over the weekend of 5-6 November 2011. Well done to Jon Dawkins, the Club Captain, who achieved a great 15th place in a field of 74.

The Welsh Open 2011, traditionally a very strong competition, saw a number of Bristol Fencing Club members take part. Fantastic results for Oscar Aaron in the Men's foil in finishing 5th and Ibi Bashir in the same competition in finishing 16th. Georgia Hannay came 7th in the Women's foil.

The Hereford & Worcester Open took place on 3 and 4 December 2011. Congratulations to Ibi Bashir who came 3rd in the Men's Foil and to Ruth Semple who came 9th in the Women's Foil.

69. Bristol Open 2011

Dear Fencer,

some of you were at the Bristol Open Fencing Tournament because you were an organiser or you were competing, spectating or assisting but for those who weren't - what a great weekend.

Saturday, the first day of the competition, coincided with Barbara's ninetieth birthday. Barbara came to see us in the afternoon and she looked fabulous. We wished her a Happy Birthday then and I know all those who weren't there will want to add their best wishes. We are very mindful that Colin and Barbara have contributed two lifetimes to fencing and it is due to them that we have such a great club and the prestigious Bristol Open.

Those who competed will know just how prestigious when they came up against many of the best fencers in the country. The Bristol Open went without hitch and many said how much they enjoyed it - not all competitons run as smoothly as this one. The best moment was watching Georgia fencing her socks off. Nail biting to see and inspiring fencing. Georgia was very happy to have achieved last eight as it was an improvement on her result last year but she went on to beat Lisa McKenzie - a very worthy opponent whom she had never beaten before. Georgia dug in and won her bout against Lisa, to come up against Hannah Bryars. Hannah is an excellent fencer who had already won the Bristol Open Womens Foil for two consecutive years and it looked at one point as though Georgia might just pull it off. Hannah worked hard and won 10 -15 but what a fight. Hannah went on to once more win the womens foil and Georgia finished 3=, justifiably pleased with her placing as it was her best yet at a senior open, and against very stiff opposition. Congratulations Georgia. We are all impressed with Georgia's result and very proud that she fences for Bristol Fencing Club.

Many club fencers entered mens foil - some with eyes open as they had competed last year - and found the opposition mighty, but took a golden opportunity to fence against the best in the country. They enjoyed the competition immensely and are fired up to compete again next year. Of Bristol FC members Oscar Arron finished 22nd - a very good result.

Many entrants commented on how smoothly the competition ran and this was due entirely to the indefatigable work by the Bristol Open committee, including Tom Payne, Jon Dawkins, Ann Rhodes and Rupert Russell. Their professionalism in organising the tournament and running it on the day, and the time they put into it in the months before, must be noted. The success on the day also depended on Colin Hillier who not only stores and maintains the pistes and equipment, but also gives of his valuable experience gained from running the Bristol Open for thirty years which he and Barbara developed into the important competition it is now. Barbara and Colins' son, Robert, journeys every year over from France, where he lives, to run the Open in conjunction with the committee. Knowledgeable and unflappable he deserves and gets a very big thank you.

The Bristol Open would also like to thank all those who volunteered and gave up their time to lay pistes on the Friday - big thanks to Georgio, one of our juniors, for his tireless work setting up the many boxes. Thanks to those who packed them up again at the end, sat all day on the rather chilly check in desk particularly Georgia's mother Ann (a proud day for her too) Pandora and Alexis, and the junior members Oliver and Sam who were invaluable as runners during the competition. We hope you enjoyed it and we would like you to know that your contribution was invaluable and I hope I have missed no one out as every bit of help is vital. So Congratulations to all for another succesful Bristol Open.

Great to see Georgia at fencing on Monday wearing her finalists t-shirt designed by Ruth Semple. The Open gets lots of admiration for these bespoke t-shirts which are desired by many. Some of our younger juniors will be competing in regional age group competitions during this season and we hope they are inspired by the results of our older juniors. Train hard,enjoy your fencing and you could be a finalist at the Bristol Open in the not too distant future.

Looking forward to another years fencing and seeing you all at the club.

best regards Astrid

70. Notice of 2011 BFC AGM

The Bristol Fencing Club AGM 2011 will take place on 23 July 2011.

All Club Members will be sent an email by the Club Secretary shortly with details of the venue and agenda.

If you are a Club Member and you do not receive that email, please contact the Secretary as soon as possible by email at

71. BFC moves to City Academy from 16 May to 2 July during exams.

Dear BFC Members,

During the exam season Cotham School closes its sports hall to exam desks.It is therefore necessary for us to find a different venue.

This year, that venue will be the City Academy, the same venue as the Bristol Open Fencing Tournament. Town Avenue, Bristol, BS5 9JH.

We will be based at the Academy from Monday 16th May until Friday 1st July. Monday evening session times will be 19:00 - 22:00 and Friday evenings will be 19:30 - 21:30 as usual.

We look forward to seeing you there.

BFC Committee

72. GAFU 2011 Foil Results

The Gloucestershire Amateur Fencing Union Foil Competition was held at Wycliffe College on Sunday 13 March 2011. Several fencers from the Bristol Fencing Club took part in the event.

In the novice competition, congratulations go to Chen Wu and Alex Chklar for finishing 6th and 8th respectively, but also to Rachel Boddy for winning the Women's Novice Foil. In the senior event, it is worth noting the performance of Ibi Bashir who came joint 3rd having been defated by Austen Rose in the semi-finals.

Well done to all BFC Fencers who took part. The BFC Committee.

73. BFC Fencer Featured on BBC Points West

During fencing on Monday 28 February 2011, some of you may have noticed that the Club received the visit of a reporter from BBC Bristol. That led to a feature on BBC Points West on Tuesday 1 March 2011 in the evening which focused on Ibi Bashir and his aims and ambitions ahead of the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Both Ibi and Andy Martin, our coach, were interviewed and appeared on Points West. The TV feature was followed up by an article in the Bristol Evening Post. Well done to both of them.

BFC Committee.

74. Club Foil Championship 2011 - Results

The Bristol Fencing Club Foil Championships were held on Saturday 22 January 2011 at the City Academy in Bristol; they were followed as usual by the Club dinner which this year took place at Casa Mexicana on Zetland Road. Thank you very much to all members who attended either or both events, and a special thanks to all those who helped setting up the hall at the City Academy and then helped to clear up at the end of the competition. Jon and Ann deserve a particular mention for their contributions in organising the event.

In the senior event, there were 21 entries. Hugo Russell won the gold medal after defeating Jonny Allatt in the semi-final. Jon Dawkins and Tom Payne were joint third.

There were 12 entries in the junior event, which was won by Guy Van Onselen who defeated Zoe Webber in the final. Bronze medals went to Felicity Grazebrook and Mark Sampson.

Full results will appear on this website shortly, as well as a selection of photos taken by Chen Wu.

Thank you again to all those attended, fenced and refereed. We are already looking forward to next year's competition.

BFC Committee

75. Monday 20 December 2010 - Fencing is going ahead tonight.

As of 2.30pm on Monday 20 December 2010, fencing tonight (Monday 20 December 2010) is going ahead.

The BFC Committee

76. Club dates for Christmas 2010

Please note that the last Club night this year will be Monday 20 December 2010. There will be no fencing on Friday 24 December 2010, Monday 27 December 2010 and Friday 31 December 2010.

BFC Committee.

77. December 2010 Club newsletter from the Chairman

Dear Fencers,

It has been a busy and exciting year with many changes in the club, perhaps the most significant and poignant was the stepping down of Colin and Barbara after many many years as organisers of the Bristol Open, and of Colin as chairman of Bristol Fencing Club. Both Colin and Barbara have worked tirelessly for the Open, for the Club and for fencing generally.

I'm sure most of you are aware that I am now acting as chairman and I hope to support the club in the same way Colin, and Barbara, have over the years so that it continues to thrive. The club also held elections for the post of captain and once more Jon Dawkins is captain of Bristol Fencing Club - some of you newer to the club may not know that he was a very able captain a few years ago - known to all as capt'n Jon.

I am very happy to have Jon working alongside me along with Ruth, Stefan, Rupert and Tom as indespensible members of the committee. Colin and Barbara are still active in all club matters giving us the benefit of their considerable experience and wisdom. The continuing success of the club is a testament to time, effort and thought freely given by all these people. It is a pretty good club. The venue is good, we have sufficient pistes, boxes and kit, excellent coaches and some very fine fencers. A particular strength of the club lies in how it accommodates all types of fencers from junior to senior, recreational to competitive. We have of course our champion fencer, Georgia, and it looks as though future champions are fast coming through. I personally find this all very exciting, as I hope we all do, and well worth the effort.

The start of the season has produced some notable results that should be marked. Several of our youngest and newest members, for some their very first competition, entered the GAFU Age Group held at Thorbury Leisure Centre. I believe they all had a great day's fencing and several brought home some very good results:

Under 12 Boys
6th Georgio Costa

Under 14 Boys
1st Guy Van Onselen

Under 16 Boys
1st Ibi Bashir

Under 16 Girls
1st Miriam Johnson

Bristol Open 2010
This year's Bristol open was run for the first time by a committeee from Bristol Fencing Club, Colin and Barbara's son Robert Hillier, and a great deal of help from volunteers including fencers and parents of fencers whose valuable contribution is vital to the success of the competition. Georgia Mannikum-Hannay had an excellent result in a very tough entry in Women's Foil finishing 9th. Isaac David finished 28th and Sean Jamshidi 32nd, showing their mettle in Mens' Foil.

Welsh Open 2010
Another major domestic competition and like the Bristol Open - a bit of a toughie. Several competing fencers from the club watched an exciting and nail biting DE bout between our own Georgia Hannay and Elizabeth Ng. The fight went to the full three periods of time with Georgia and Elizabeth drawn (the score may well have been 8-8, but don't quote me on that). Some of you might not be aware that when the bout ends in a draw a further minute of time is fenced. To ensure that there is a final result at the end of that minute priority is established by dropping a pencil on the floor (very hi-tech) whomever the point is towards gains priority. This means that their opponent has to get a hit to win. No hit and the fencer with priority wins. Georgia gave it her all and came very close to landing the winning hit on Elizabeth with at least two off targets but to no avail and with no hits Elizabeth won on the turn of a pencil and went on to gain 6th place. Georgia finished 25th which is a great result but teeth gnashingly frustrating for her when coming within a pencil point of winning. As Andy Martin, BFC Head Coach, says Georgia fenced excellently, this is but a step along the road and she can build on this strong foundation, a very positive sentiment we could all take note of.
Another result in Women's Foil that should be mentioned is that of Milly Blackmore. Milly has recently returned to fencing after a long break and, as well as making everyone look to their laurels on club nights, acheived an impressive 33rd at the Welsh.

In the Mens Foil, Sean Jamshidi, finished 12th - another excellent result from Sean. Well done everyone...

So, on behalf of Bristol Fencing Club I would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all who competed and a round of applause for great effort rewarded by great results, and we are very proud that you are members of our club.

Best regards Astrid Merrick Chairman Bristol Fencing Club

78. Notice of 2010 BFC AGM

The Bristol Fencing Club AGM 2010 will take place on 31 July 2010.

All Club Members were sent an email by the Treasurer on Monday 12 July 2010 with details of the venue and agenda.

If you are a Club Member and you did not receive that email, please contact the Treasurer as soon as possible by email at

79. Club Success at St Dunstan's Foil

A number of Club Members took part in the St Dunstan's Open Foil on Sunday 27 June 2010 held in Glastonbury.

Congratulations are in order for Ibi Bashir on his fantastic first place. Well done Ibi! Honourable mention also goes to Willow, Jon and Ann for their performances.

80. SW Sabre and Team Foil 2010

Last weekend saw Bristol Fencing Club fielding two teams in the SW Regional Foil Competition at Millfield School and a lone sabreur, Jon Dawkins, in individual and team. Almost worth in itself the scenic drive through beautiful English countryside. Jon Dawkins finished in the last eight as usual giving his opponents a hard time in the individual sabre - hurrah.

Very well done to the hardened fencers Stefan Ramel, Oscar Arron and Ibi Bashir forming a team who were all on a roll and narrowly missed winning the foil event, losing by three hits to the Millfield team.

The second BFC team included Ann Rhodes, Willow and Astrid Merrick, while not sweeping the glittering prize - fencing socks I believe - had a good day's fencing and added to their experience by digging in and battling against excellent fencers. Willow, who has not a great deal of experience in competition, found his feet and fenced better and better as the day went on. Well done Willow. It was not an easy competition, and the standard of fencing was high but a good atmosphere and great fun. So thank you to all who flew the BFC flag.

Astrid, Club Captain

81. British Youth Championships 2010

The British Youth Championships were held in Sheffield on 1, 2 and 3 May 2010. Bristol Fencing Club was represented by a number of foil fencers across a number of age categories.

Very well done to Georgia who won the Girls U18s foil from a field of 29 fencers. Congratulations are also in order for Hugo Russell and Sean Jamshidi who finished 3rd and 9th in the Boys U18s foil from a field of 46.

Ibi Bashir also deserves warm congratulations from all of us at the Club on his fantastic 2nd place in the Boys U14s foil, which he achieved from a field of 65 other foilists!

Finally, it is also worth including a "thank you" to Andy Martin for all of his hard work coaching those juniors. Well done Any.

82. Club Championships - The Results

The Annual Bristol Fencing Club competition was once more a resounding success. We had a very good entry of 18 fencers and it turned out to be a tough and very exciting competition. It was good to see a few of our more novice fencers taking part and several of the juniors, though we would have liked to have seen some of our newer members there to give breadth of scope to the competition, and they would have thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately Byrne Kennedy was lost to injury after the first poule. Bryne very gamely fenced all his fights in his poule before retiring which was very helpful to the other fencers and for the consequent seeding. Also, very unfortunately, Ruth Semple, the winner of Best Woman Foilist 2009 succumbed to flu this morning and was unable to defend her title. We hope both will be recovered very soon.

All competitors fenced well today and should be proud of themselves. Well done to Alvery Grazebrook who won Best Novice - I have your trophy and I'll bring it to the club for you. Sue Bowers and Paul Kitson, also in the running for novice, showed their mettle and put up good resistance against often much more experienced fencers. Well done to Miriam Johnson who showed impressive levels of determination and pluck in all her fights. Ibi Ibrahim retained his Best Junior status from last year and also finished 6th closely losing to Tom Payne despite putting his lightning counter atttacks and stop hits to good use. Very well done to Manyue Mo who finished 5th after a closely fought battle against fellow left hander Hugo Russell going to time at 12-10.

Astrid Merrick had to work very hard to narrowly defeat Will Patterson-Fox 15-13finishing 8th and winning the Best Woman Fencer trophy.

The semi finals were tense against very watchable fencers. Stefan Ramel went out in a closely fought match to Hugo Russell 15 -14, and Tom Payne lost to Johnny Allat 15 - 6.

Congratulations to the overall winner, Johnny Allatt, who displayed great timing and a cool head using his experience to defeat the seemingly unstoppable Hugo Russell. The score stood at 14-13 to Johnny with three seconds to go and the tension was palpable amongst the spectators who wondered if this bout would go to extra time. Johnny came straight off the command to fence to score the final hit, securing the trophy and medal for Bristol Fencing Club Top Foilist 2010. By doing so he also got the last slice of walnut and coffee cake supplied by Ann for the refreshment table.

Which brings me to say a big thank you to Ann and Ruth for supplying such lovely cakes and biscuits, the sale of which ensures that the costs of staging the competion are reduced. Great Easter biscuits Ruth...

Thank you to Jon Dawkins for seeding the fencers and results. Today was an exploration by Jon into using the en garde software that we intend to use later this year for the first time at the Bristol Open Fencing Tournament. Judging by the smooth running of today's competition it was a success. The tableau and results will be put on the club website for you to see. Many people put their time and skills into making Bristol Fencing Club a great club and an unsung hero is our treasurer Stefan Ramel who handles the club funds so efficiently and keeps us in the black so I would like to acknowledge his time and work and thank him on behalf of the club and committee.

Finally thank you to Colin and Barbara for their support today and to all who entered, to those who stayed to help after they had been knocked out and to those who watched the finals - all is greatly appreciated by the club and your fellow fencers.

Astrid Merrick (Club Captain)

83. Club Championships - Save the Date - 20 March 2010

The Bristol Fencing Club Championships will take place on Saturday 20 March 2010. Full details in relation to the Championships as well as an entry form will be circulated to Club Members shortly. In the meantime, please keep Saturday 20 March 2010 free.

84. Plymouth Open 2010

The Plymouth Open 2010 foil competitions were held on Saturday 30 January 2010. A number of fencers from the Bristol Fencing Club were in action on that day.
There were some notable results: Ruth Semple defended her excellent result from last year and finished 3rd in the women's foil and Astrid Merrick - your captain - finished 5th.

In the men's foil Jon Dawkins finished 12th.

A good day's fencing. Well done to all Bristol Fencing Club foilists who participated in this event.

85. Friday 8 January 2010 - Fencing Cancelled.

Cotham School has taken the decision to remain shut on Friday 8 January 2010; as a result there will be no fencing on Friday 8 January 2010.

Whilst the difficult weather conditions prevail, the Club would invite all BFC members and guest fencers to regularly check the Cotham School website for updates as to whether the school is open or shut:

The BFC Committee will try to give as much advance warning as possible on the Club website of notified school closures.

The Committee.

86. Welsh Open 2009 Results

At the Welsh Open this season, Sean Jamshidi finished in an excellent 12th place in the mens foil, and, although still competing under the Clifton College banner, he is enough one of us that there is justification in congratulating Oscar Arron on finishing 8th in the same event. Well done to Georgia Hannay who finished 26th and Ruth Semple who narrowly missed the top 32 finishing 34th after completing an excellent poule in a very stiff competition.

87. County Junior Foil Championships 2009

The Club would like to congratulate its juniors who fenced at the County Junior Foil Championships 2009 at the Thornbury Leisure Centre on 14 November 2009.

Well done to Ibi Bashir who took 1st place in the boys under 14's, Antonia Hamilton-Shield who also finished 1st in the under 16 girls, and Felicity Grazebrook who won the girls under 12's.

88. Wellington Open 2009

The Club is happy to report that our own Mo won the Wellington Open Men's Foil 2009 in a very convincing manner - big cheers and hurrahs for Mo.

Having finished 2nd in both rounds of poules and achieving a bye, Mo polished off a very able cadet in his first DE and for dessert, an experienced veteran fencer in the final. Mo was on form and both fights were exciting to watch - not always the case in fencing competitions.

There was speculation that Jon Dawkins and Mo might meet in the DE but this was avoided. Jon finished 5th and your captain a reasonable 3rd.

Mo got a trophy, your captain got a very nice medal with Wellington School on it and all participants got chocolate lollipops embossed with a chocolate fencer. It was an excellent day's fencing, and a friendly competition.

89. Notice of 2009 BFC AGM

The Bristol Fencing Club AGM 2009 will take place on 9 September 2009. All Club Members were sent an email by the Treasurer on Tuesday 25 August 2009 with details of the venue and agenda. If you are a Club Member and you did not receive that email, please contact the Treasurer as soon as possible by email at

90. Congratulations to Mo!

The Committee and Club Members of the Bristol Fencing Club would like to offer their warmest congratulations to Man Yue Mo on his marriage to Ruth Hutty. The wedding took place on Saturday 27 June 2009 at Alma Church. We wish them well for the future.

Several Club Members were able to attend the ceremony. A photo of those Members posing with the newlyweds will follow.

91. Foil Championships 2009

A message from our captain:

The Bristol Fencing Club Championship 2009 was a great success and a very good day was had by all who attended. Very grateful thanks go to those who put their time and effort in to make the competiton a success - Colin & Barbara without whom the club would not exist and whose unstinting support and energy ensures the continuity of the club. Colin and Barbara lent us the new Bristol Open pistes which were a delight to fence on and reduced the amount of work normally required in setting out and taking up pistes. Many thanks to Ruth Semple who maintains the club website and keeps us up to date on events and news and Stefan Ramel our exemplary treasurer. Ruth and Stefan have managed to make the club hoodie a reality after years of commitee discussion. The take up amongst members has been gratifying. Thanks too to Andy Martin, Martin Dale and Isaac David, the coaches who have encouraged and improved the fencing skills of so many of us.

Any calories we burned off fencing we more than replaced with scrumptious cakes made by Ann Rhodes who, while fencing in the competion, also managed the refreshment stall that substantially added to club funds. Ann also made us lazy lubbers cups of tea in between watching the final bouts which was very much appreciated.

Jon Dawkins organised the structure of play, seeding the entrants into poules and all the other technical minutiae that underpin competitive events. Jon's calm capability ensured the the day went without any hitches. The club is very grateful to Jon for taking this on.

The competition attracted a broad swathe of age and experience from our club membership. The Under 13's event had unfortunately to be cancelled but two of our newer and more junior members, Felicity Grazebrook and James Heald, fenced in the main competition against the seniors and showed great determination pitting themselves against fencers twice their size and greatly more experienced. The club is very proud of these young fencers and we hope they enjoyed the day and gained some valuable experience - they can look forward to giving us all a hard time in next years club competition. A special mention too for Spike Rees who wanted to fence in the competition but was ultimately unable to as there were no other entrants of a similar age and experience for him to fence against. We look forward to seeing you fence next year.

Amongst our other juniors, Antonia fenced well and joined an elite group of particularly successful fencers that day. Will Paterson Fox, Byrne Kennedy and Ibi Bashir gave the seniors a run for their money. Congratulations to Ibi, placed 7th overall, he won the medal for the highest placed junior.

Darren Harris and Jason Gaines, both new to the club and to the sport, had their first experience of competitive fencing. Drawn to fight each other in the DE round, Jason initially pulled ahead into a clear lead but Darren never gave up and pressed hard to close the gap. Time was against him and he missed by one hit the Best Novice medal which went to Jason Gaines. Congratulations to Jason.

Very well done to Ruth Semple who, for the second year running, won the Womens trophy and congratulations to Sean Jamshidi and Jon Dawkins who finished 3=. The exciting final between Jonny Allat and Stefan Ramel was nail biting to watch but we enjoyed seeing two good fencers battle it out. Right up to the last period they were hit for hit until Jonny gained ascendancy and won, 15 - 10, the Bristol Fencing Club Championship 2009.

A group of us went on in the evening to Muset for the BFC annual dinner and had a very good time. It's a pleasant restaurant with good service and food and we were disappointed, not wanting the evening to end, when the restaurant eventually had to close but 24 hour society has not quite hit Bristol and we were forced to say goodnight and go home to bed - probably in hindsight a very good idea but I am looking forward to doing it all over again next year as I hope are all my fellow club members.

A very big Thank you to everyone who entered and helped to make it happen!

Full list of results
1Jonny Allatt
2Stefan Ramel
3Sean Jamshidi
3Jon Dawkins
5Ruth Semple
6Astrid Merrick
6Ibi Bashir
6Steve Rashley
9William Patterson-Fox
9Martin Neville
11Ann Rhodes
11Laura Robinson
11Antonia Hamilton-Shield
11Byrne Kennedy
15James Heald
15Darren Harris
17Jason Gaines
18Felicity Grazebrook

92. No Fencing on Friday 6 February 2009

Due to the prevailing adverse weather conditions, Cotham School is closed on Friday 6 February 2009. The Club has been informed that this means that the sports hall is and will remain closed for the whole of Friday 6 February 2009.

There will be no fencing on Friday 6 February 2009.

93. Plymouth Open 2009

The Club had a very good showing at the Plymouth Open this year.

Very well done to Isaac David and Jon Dawkins finishing in the last eight and earning medals in the Men's Open Foil.

Congratulations also to Ruth Semple on finishing a magnificent third, only just knocked out in the semi-final after a very close fight against the outright winner of the Womens' Open Foil. Well done to Ruth and I'm sure we're going to see further great results from her at future competitions.

(This news article is based on an email sent by the Club Captain to Club Members on Monday 26 January 2009. If you are a Club Member and didn't receive this email, please contact the Club Webmaster who will add you to the distribution list)

94. Fencing the Navy - Saturday 17 January 2009

The fencing competition at the HMS Flying Fox on Saturday was a great success. The Club fielded three foil teams - Bristol Womens, Bristol Juniors and Bristol Mens who, all agreed, had a very enjoyable day.

Many thanks to my team mates Ruth Semple and Ann Rhodes. It was an added pleasure to see Ann, a former Bristol Fencing Club member, pick up her foil again and fight her socks off! Ruth wriggled, struck and dismayed her opponents. We made a great team and I hope we get the chance to reprise our success.

Thanks also to the Bristol Mens' team - Hugo Russell who, despite playing a rugby match the following day, agreed to lend his support and contributed greatly to his team's success as did Jonny Allatt, something of a rarity at the club these days. The indefatigable and ever smiling Jon Dawkins completed the trio and with his team mates devastated the opposition.

Particular mention should be made of Bristol Juniors - Ibi Bashir, Byrne Kennedy and Willow Middlemore. They fenced extremely well as a team - unbeaten through the day - and impressively took responsibility for refereeing matches. They were incomparable as representatives of Bristol Fencing Club and so a very big thank you to them. I hope to see them fencing together at other team events.

(This news article is based on an email sent by the Club Captain to Club Members on Sunday 18 January 2009. If you are a Club Member and didn't receive this email, please contact the Club Webmaster who will add you to the distribution list)

95. Juniors' Christmas Battle 2008

Well done to all those Juniors who took part in this year's Christmas competition, with special mention to Will, Sol, Bryne and Willow who were awarded 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd places. The complete table of results can be accessed via the link below.

Junior Christmas Competition Results

96. Club Competition 2009 - Save the Date

Please make a note in your diaries that the Club Competition 2009 will take place at Cotham School on Saturday 4 April 2009. Further details will be circulated by the Captain nearer the time.

97. Happy New Year!

The Bristol Fencing Club would like to wish all of its Members, Guests and Coaches a very happy and successful 2009!

98. Saturday 13 December 2008 - Save the Date!

To all Club members: the Bristol Fencing Club Christmas meal is very likely to take place on Saturday 13 December 2008. Please save the date! The time and venue of the Christmas meal will be circulated shortly.

99. Wellington Open 2008

Several Club Members entered the Wellington Open 2008 held at Wellington School on Sunday 19 October 2008. All three Club Members who entered the Open foil fenced very well. Well done to Stefan (2nd overall), Jon (4th overall) and Ruth (5th overall) for their performances in the Open foil which was run as a mixed poule unique. James, who entered the Under 11/13s Mixed Foil, deserves a particular mention for his very good fencing through two rounds of poules and then a DE on the way to the final which he narrowly lost.

100. British Cadet & Junior Championships 2008

The Club would like to congratulate Georgia Hannay (Junior, placed 24th; Cadet, placed 1st) and Sean Jamshidi (Cadet, placed 20th) on their excellent performances at the British Cadet & Junior Championships 2008 which were held in Sheffield on 4 October 2008. Very well done in particular to Georgia on winning the Women's Cadet Foil. Go Georgia!

101. Bristol Open 2008

The 2008 edition of the Bristol Open was held on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September 2008. True to recent history, this year's Open ran very smoothly and was a success. The Club would like to acknowledge and thank all those Club members who gave up their time to prepare and then clear the hall, and to all those Club members who made themselves available on both days to facilitate the running of this event; without all of their help, the event would not be the success that it is. A number of Club fencers entered this year's event. Well done to Hugo (51st) and Sean (62nd) for their performances in the Men's Foil and to Georgia (27th) and Astrid (32nd) for their performances in the Women's Foil.

102. Club AGM 2008

The Bristol Fencing Club 2008 AGM was held on Monday 11 August 2008. Thank you to all those club members who were able to attend. Adrian, the Club Secretary, has already prepared a set of draft (they will be approved at the 2009 AGM) minutes recording the discussions, debates and resolutions which took place during the AGM. Adrian sent a copy of the draft minutes to Club Members on Tuesday 26 August 2008. If you are a Club Member and you did not receive a copy of the draft minutes and would like to see a copy, could you please email Stefan, the Club Treasurer (, and he will forward you a copy.

103. Congratulations to the Golden Couple!

Congratulations to Colin and Barbara who will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary this week (8th Sept). Having met at Bristol Fencing Club in the 1950s, they have gone on to become it's chairpeople - always running the club with fun and enthusiasm. Best wishes and many thanks from all at the Club.

104. 2008 Club Competition Results

Many thanks to Jon Dawkins for organising this year's club competition, and also a special mention to Ann Rhodes for the delicious cake stall. Below are links to the foil, epee and sabre results in pdf format.
Foil results    Sabre results    Epee results
Well done to all those who took part on 9th February, at the end of the day the final positions for Master of Arms were as follows:
1st   Stefan Ramel
2nd   Jon Dawkins
3rd   John Rhode
4th   Astrid Merrick

105. Juniors' Christmas Battle 2007

Well done to all those Juniors who took part in this year's Christmas competition, with special mention to Will, Joseph, Kate and Bryne who were awarded 1st, 2nd and joint 3rd places. The complete table of results can be accessed via the link below.

Junior Christmas Competition Results

106. Club Results for St. Dunstans

Bristol had an excellent turnout for St Dunstans and acquitted themselves well. It was an excellent day of fencing over a wide range of standards. Sean Jamshidi came first and we are very proud of him. He lost only one fight out of an entry of eighteen!

Jon Dawkins finished fourth overall and was first Veteran. Astrid Merrick came eighth and was third Veteran. Steve Rashley finished 10th and Ann Rhodes ninth.

107. 2007 Club Competition results

Below are the results of last Saturday's Club competition (17th March). Thank you to everyone for taking part, and a special thank you to Astrid, Barbara and Colin for organising the day. It was a huge success.
1Isaac David1Stefan Ramel1Isaac David
2Georgia Hannay2Isaac David2John Rohde
3James Woodfisher3Sam Hall3Jon Dawkins
3Stefan Ramel3John Rohde3Stefan Ramel
5Ruth Semple5Adrian Day5Adrian Day
6Jon Dawkins6Georgia Hannay6Astrid Merrick
6Jesus Fuentes7Laura Robinson7Ruth Semple
6Sam Hall7Jon Dawkins7Patrick Di Camillo
9Steve Rashley8Astrid Merrick  
9Adrian Day    
11Edis Loveless    
11Rupert Russell    
11Astrid Merrick    
15Alan Parsons    
15Laura Robinson    
17Martin Neville    
18Simon Searle    

108. Competition Results (February 2007)

We have a number of club members committed to competing in the frequent regional fencing competitions, this is the first of what we hope to be regular updates on their results.

Cambridge Winter Tournament 2007 (6th January)
Astrid Merrick - 5th

Aldershot Open 2007 (14th January)
Congratulations to all those members who took part. We finished with some outstanding results considering the stiff competition and good turnout to the event.
Isaac David (coach) - 13th
Jon Dawkins - 36th
Matt Tobutt - 42nd
James Woodfisher - 64th
Hugo Russell - 66th
Rupert Russell - 84th

Plymouth Open 2007 (27th January)
Isaac David (coach) - 12th
Jon Dawkins - 15th
Astrid Merrick - 7th
Laura Robinson - 15th
Laura fought an excellent direct elimination match against Laura Wiltshire who finished 3rd, at one time Laura was leading 8-3, and although eventually lost, had a very creditable fight.

109. Congratulations!

The County Foil Championships were held on 4 November 2006 at Bristol Grammar School. Several members of Bristol Fencing Club entered and participated in the championship. The outstanding performances of Sean Jamshidi (Under 14, Boys) and James Woodfisher (Under 16, Boys) both of whom won the tournaments for their respective age groups, are worthy of mention. We would also like to congratulate Sam Hall and Edis Loveless who came second and third in the Under 16 boys category. Well done to all of you!

110. Reduced price membership to the Carlton House Fitness Centre!

Following a brilliantly successful Bristol Open, the City Academy has issued 10 cut-price fitness facility vouchers to the Bristol Fencing Club. One of these vouchers is available to any member of the club, and entitles the bearer to gym membership at only £15 a month and discounted training fees of £2.50 per session.

As there are limited numbers, tickets are available on a first come, first served basis for either Barbara Hillier or Ruth Semple.

111. New Website (October 2006)

The BFC website has received a recent makeover! Many thanks to Ruth Semple for all her hard work and dedication in creating the new club website. There are several new features to the website which we recommend you take in, including the calendar which will, at a glance, let you know about upcoming competitions and also the dates on which the club will be fencing at the Coombe Dingle sports centre. The website now also has a 'news section' which will contain regular news updates covering goings on at the club!

112. Bristol Open 2006 (September 2006)

The Bristol Open 2006 was, as it has been in recent years, a huge success, with high numbers of entrants of all levels in all weapons and great fencing on show on both Saturday 16 and Sunday 17. The BFC would particularly like to congratulate our own Georgia whose very impressive performance saw her achieve a stunning 16th place in the women's foil competition. Well done Georgia! Also, the BFC would like to thank all the Bristol fencers who gave up their time in the run-up to the Open to help in ensuring that the event ran as smoothly as it did. Thanks to all those of you who helped!

113. New Club Captain (July 2006)

The BFC welcomes Astrid Merrick as the new club captain effective from July 2006! Congratulations to Astrid on being nominated as club captain at the 2006 club AGM and thank you Astrid for accepting the role. We look forward to the forthcoming year under the leadership of our new captain. Good luck Astrid!
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