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The BFC runs frequent beginners courses, the aims of which are to give beginners an introduction both to the sport of fencing and also to the BFC. Courses tend to fill up very quickly, and you should get in touch to reserve your place as soon as possible.

Each beginners course lasts for a period of six weeks and includes 1 hours of coaching per week. The courses are taken by one of the BFC's coaches and are held at the BFC's venue at Cotham School. They are structured around group tuition, during which you are taught the basics of fencing with a foil, and also the importance of footwork, blade-work, safety and the correct use of fencing equipment. The beginners course will also provide an opportunity for beginners to fence amongst themselves as they progress through the course.

You don't need to worry about having any specialised fencing equipment to attend a beginner's course. All you need to bring with you is a pair of trainers and some clothes suitable for sporting activity (e.g. track-suit trousers and a t-shirt). The BFC will supply all the specialist fencing kit that you will need.

Once you have completed a beginners course, the BFC offers you free club membership for one month, during which time, if you wish, you are welcome to continue receiving coaching from one of the BFC's coaches (which will usually be one-to-one), and also fence at the club with other BFC members. After this free month, you are very welcome to stay on at the club, as to which, see the BFC's current subscription rates.

If, having realised that you are a convert to the sport of fencing, you wish to purchase your own kit (which the BFC actively encourages!), the BFC can give you advice on purchasing the necessary equipment, and if ordered through the club, can offer a 10% discount with certain manufacturers.

The beginners course costs £65 which is payable in advance at the start of the beginners course and is non-refundable. You can pay either in cash or by cheque made payable to "Bristol Fencing Club". In addition, all fencers (including beginners) are required by the British Fencing Association to hold a minimum of social membership to the BFA. Social membership costs £10 which is payable directly to the BFA. You will be able to fill in the appropriate BFA form when you start the course.

Anyone interested in joining a beginners course is welcome to pop in at the next scheduled course, irrespective of availability, to get an idea of what is involved. If you would like to attend such a course, or if you have any questions about the beginners courses, please email us using the general enquiries form.

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